Euskal Herria Collection - El extenso panorama cultural vasco

The origin

Cultural Memories was born from the encounter of its four members, all of whom are involved in other art related jobs and who found themselves with the necessity of creating a conjunct project in which they could unify a creative concept with responsible manufacturing, culture, art and memory. An idea which allows us to tell stories but which also leaves room for the observer’s imagination, granting us access to personal memories through it: the silhouette.

Crafted in
Euskal Herria

Our border region location which is close to the coast and to highly visited sites such as Fuenterrabía, San Sebastián, San Juan de Luz or Biarritz, has allowed us to remain in constant touch with the world of tourism and souvenirs.
It is in our Bera facilities that we are rooted, this is where we find our inspiration and where we craft our Cultural Memories figures.

Responsible manufacturing

In Cultural Memories we believe in things that are well made, each silhouette is treated with absolute care through all of its manufacturing process, from its creation to its finishing touches in all of its formats. In order to obtain this result, we work with local suppliers who guarantee quality prime matter and who simultaneously allow us to add our little grain of salt in supporting the local economy.

transmission support

Our silhouettes are based on traditional scenes and customs, some of them are very ancient, deeply rooted and still prevail. Others are more modern and have made their way into forming part of our culture. It is our job and compromise to communicate and transmit this legacy through our work in order for it to endure.

Choose your gift and customise it!

Add a personal touch to your gift by adding your own choice of words to your figure. This will create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that is sure to be cherished.

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Choose your gift and customise it! - Cultural Memories