The Silhouette as
an element of memory

We think of an object which renews and synthesizes the element of a souvenir, portraying scenes through silhouettes which transport us to moments and memories from popular culture.

One culture, diverse singularities: Our collections

The diversity of Basque cultural memory can be translated as different singularities, each conforming its own “personal universe” of folklore, tradition and customs. Our collections:

Manufactured in
Euskal Herria

A vocational artisanal product that goes through a rigorous treatment production process which coddles the piece from the formal synthesis of its context through its execution and comercial presentation: OUR BRAND.

Crafted in Euskal Herria. - Cultural Memories


A nook for the stories that define us

We gift-wrap it for you

If you have an important event and you want to gift CULTURAL MEMORIES, we can send it wherever you want it to be delivered and we can gif-wrap it with no additional fee.

Cultural memories from within


Show us how you display your silhouettes at home by using the hashtag #culturalmemoriesathome

Choose your gift and customise it!

Add a personal touch to your gift by adding your own choice of words to your figure. This will create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that is sure to be cherished.

Find out how!
Choose your gift and customise it! - Cultural Memories