colección SPORTS figuras de momentos deportivos para el recuerdo

Our new collection: SPORTS, the transcendence of sports

Cultural Memories broadens its proposal Up until now, our Cultural Memories collections were bound to the memory of places and territories, materialized in the form of original decorative figures conceived from the souvenir. Now, our new SPORTS collection offers gift pieces for those who love sports, a forefront form of cultural expression. Sports (events, tournaments, […]

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Culture and Decoration

Decoration as Art   Decorating is the art of making spaces and places beautiful. In order to achieve this, human imagination and creativity make use of multiple resources such as furnishing, color, textures, etc. It is something which is innate to our species, lost within memory, are the first specimens of this activity, the decoration […]

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Basque Country Sports: The Basque Ball Game

Culture and tradition Many places and many cultures around the world practice sports or games which define them as a town, and which have also taken part in shaping their character. Even in areas where these games did not originate, they still have been assimilated as their own and have been incorporated to their collective […]

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Cultural Memories: The Art of Memory

  The Souvenir as value   The term souvenir is generally associated to topical concepts with very diverse implications: From the emotional (evoking trips, personal gifts, attachment to a determined culture, country or region) to the aesthetic (popular taste, the bane, the decorative, etc)… The tradition of taking a souvenir from places which the tourist, […]

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The Ituren and Zubieta Carnival

The Ituren and Zubieta Carnival The Carnival is a creative and joyful celebration in which two seemingly contradictory concepts fuse together: the global/universal and the local/individual. It is universal because it takes place during what is considered winter time in various places around the occidental world, and it precedes the emotive and drawn back nature […]

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tienda san fermin pop up store

Pop up store SAN FERMÍN

We dedicate one of the Cultural Memories collection to a week in SAN FERMÍN epitome of celebration and the source of multiple cultural icons and forms of expression. From its protagonist encierro and different versions of bullfighting, all of which are central to the theme of this celebration (its backbone), to its activities which turn […]

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nueva web corporativa para cultural memories


We want CULTURAL MEMORIES to be more than just a series of gift items or souvenir related products: we also created this as a platform and means for cultural expression. You can purchase all of the pieces comprising a collection or line through our online store in our website (figures, T-shirts, prints, etc.) Cultural Memories. […]

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