What is the guarantee on the products purchased through this website?

You can find the guarantees on all of our different Cultural Memories products in section “13. Guarantee” found in the following link: See Shopping Terms — 13.Guarantee.

Can you gift-wrap my order?

Yes, and without additional cost. If you wish to gift any of our figures or souvenirs and you want it to be gift-wrapped you just need to make a note of it in the “Shipping Method” section when you place your order and we will ship it wherever you like.

Do I need to register in order to make a Cultural Memories purchase?

No, you do not need to register in order to shop online on Cultural Memories, you can do you shopping without signing in to our website. Creating a user account will allow you to save different shipping addresses and payment methods without having to fill in that information every time you place a new order, this also applies to accessing your information, order status, shopping history, receipts and discount coupons.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs vary depending on the article you purchase on our online shop (figures, postcards, prints…) and also depending on the destination where you want it shipped. By filling in the shipping information, a price will be immediately calculated for and you will see it in the payment details.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, when you buy articles through our online store, free shipping is available after an order value limit, this varies depending on the shipping address zone, you can consult your shipping address zone through the following link: Shipping modalities— Shipment zones. You can also access this information in the product details.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can consult our different payment methods through our online store via this link: See Shopping Terms and Conditions — 8. Payment methods.

Can I purchase Cultural Memories souvenirs in physical stores?

If you wish to purchase our products in a physical store, you can find them in select souvenir and gift shops through the Basque Country and the Côte Basque in France.

How can I check my order and shipment status?

You will receive a confirmation email containing all the purchase details for your order as soon as you complete your purchase in our online store. Once your order has been processed, we will inform the shipping company designated for your delivery, the shipping company will email you a shipment tracking number form your order and the expected delivery date.


How do I remove the figure from its box?

Our figures are crafted using three materials: a white lacquered steel pedestal, an oak base and finally de methacrylate silhouette, which is the most delicate part of the figure. We recommend carefully extracting it from the box by means of the steel pedestal, never do it by pulling the silhouette.

What is the recommended way to wash a figure?

For the figure cleaning and care you must keep in mind a few details: Both the white lacquered steel pedestal and the oak base are pretty easy to clean, however, the methacrylate silhouette requieres to be treated with care if you want to maintain its luster. Simply use a soft cloth or apiece of cotton, moisten it with water and swipe it through the silhouette gently. Depending on the figure, it might be more or less delicate, for which we recommend not applying too much pressure in order to prevent any kind of damage. You can wipe the rest of the figure using the same cloth and adding a small amount of neutral soap if you find it necessary. If you are dusting the dust off with a duster, remember to swipe it softly over the methacrylate silhouette.

Can I order a customized silhouette/figure?

Cultural Memories is based on the silhouette as a primary element through which one can illustrate and evoke scenes and memories, this can be found present through our collection. We also offer the possibility of crafting customized work , for which you can contact us by sending an email to info@culturalmemories.com. Explain your idea so we can study your project and get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

How do you recommend washing Cultural Memories T-Shirts?

Our Cultural Memories T-shirts are made of 100& organic cotton, we recommend turning them inside out before washing them in cold water and only with garments which are similar in color. For ironing we also recommend doing it inside out in order to protect the printed motif.

Are there other figure size options available?

Our Cultural Memories figures have standardized measurements: small (93x150mm), medium (186x150mm), and large (279x150mm). The color of the silhouette is always black through all of our collections. For special projects you can contact by emailing us at info@culturalmemories.com, tell us a bit about your idea, we will study it and get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Can a customized project be made for a company?

In Cultural Memories we offer our own collections as well as the possibility of creating customized and exclusive figures for both individuals and companies as a corporate gift or promotional gift for clients, staff, or others. We have participated in the creation of several special projects for different companies, associations and individuals thus far. If you are interested in the creation of a project for you or your company, you can contact us via email at info@culturalmemories.com or you can call us at +34 948 630 127. Tell us about your idea, and we will study it and asses you through the process. The project can be based on your logo or corporate image, for which we will ned a photo displaying the motif or logo clearly in order for us to create a silhouette of it. We can also create the image from scratch with the ideas you communicate to us and hence offer you an exclusive motif for your project.