Culture and Decoration

Paintings in Cueva de las manos, Argentina. Picture LuigiStudio C.C.

Decoration as Art


Decorating is the art of making spaces and places beautiful. In order to achieve this, human imagination and creativity make use of multiple resources such as furnishing, color, textures, etc. It is something which is innate to our species, lost within memory, are the first specimens of this activity, the decoration of ancient cave walls. Soon after, ornaments would appear, the object with aesthetic aspirations, jewelry.

The souvenir is quite possibly one of the objects which is most utilized within the repertoire of contemporary decorative possibilities, endowing rooms or furniture with their own personality, and embodying the fusion of Design and an emotional source: it is the materialization of that sigh we let out through evoking a certain place…

san fermín pop up store
Shop window Cultural Memories in Pamplona, San Fermín 2019

The Souvenir as aesthethic projection


It would seem absurd then, to think of the souvenir solely within the frame of a travel experience or a visit. However, the popular use given to it, has made it so that it can be taken as a decorative element with its own aesthetic value, and autonomous to the previous experiences factoring into it.

In Cultural Memories, we watch over both of these interests: those of the traveler, the tourist, marked by the need to immortalize their experience, and those who are called by the beauty of the object which itself is linked to a specific culture and has a decorative nature on its own. CM adapts perfectly to the intention of both remembering and gifting.

Current interest in the souvenir is made evident as seen through diverse prisms: that of intelectual academic analysis, or through the work of contemporary artists with a loaded charge of irony and kitsch, such as Barnaby Bardford or Shary Boyle.

lamina golf
Golf Swing Print
Figura Bigoudène à Vèlo
Figure Bigoudène à Vèlo

Cultural Memories as sculpture


Our designs are meticulously and carefully crafted, every detail is cared for through out the creation these figures which reproduce activities and cultural traits within a specific theme. It is our job that the result be an exercise in decorative effectiveness. We achieve this by contrasting the original black silhouette used as reference against a white canvas backdrop which allows us to shape the figure with uttermost precision, isolating it from any sort of chromatic, imaginal, or textural influences within its original surrounding, making it thus, a unique, special, sculptural piece.

Figura Erromeria
Figure Erromeria


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